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?????????????Dying Days by Gillian Long click here to buy Paperback or Kindle from Amazon

As Paperback through Amazon and other book distributors. Look for Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9942671-1-5 or ask your book dealer. As ebook through Kindle, Apple and Google Play Books.

Preview Chapter One here

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It’s the end of Mugabe’s reign. Factions jockey for power. The scene is set for civil war. Matt Reid an ex British Special Forces soldier arrives in Australia in search of his biological father. He meets Alan Fletcher, a retired war correspondent, whose story about the disappearance of a Rhodesian SAS soldier in 1980, sends Matt off to Zimbabwe on a mission to find the truth. What he doesn’t plan is to become a person of interest to a paranoid secret police or to uncover plots of treachery and revenge and a half century old family feud. This is a story about discovering family, falling in love and finding redemption.


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