Moments in Time

I love to write and plague my son with novels he never reads.

‘Write your story mum’ he says. ‘I reckon that would be interesting.’

I laugh. ‘I would need several volumes to write my life story. There are too many memories in my head.’

Later his request comes to me again but I think no, I could never write my story. I would not know where to begin.

But here I am, writing random memories that come to me at odd times. It’s not an auto biography. It’s not even a memoir. It’s just a random collection of moments in time and it’s for my children.


4 thoughts on “Moments in Time

  1. Random moments in time. Great title for your autobiography Gill. Put them all together and you have a life exclusively your own, one that nobody else will ever feel or know as you do. It’s a wonderful thing. I enjoyed reading your blog, and seeing life through your eyes. Don’t stop.


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